1:1 Mentorship


Learn how to create show-stopping Showit websites that will finally have you booked out for weeks

One thing’s for sure:

But you aren’t trying to trade in one boss for a life stuck on the entrepreneurial hamster wheel. One that has yet to replace your 9-5 paycheck.

The key to becoming a successful web designer is producing websites that stand way above the crowd. And, after two years in this industry and investing $30k of my cold, hard cash in courses, coaches, and curriculum, I can confidently say that Showit websites are the best in the business. They’re the easiest to customize. The most eye-catching. And, usually, the ones on everyone’s inspo boards. 

Showit websites are captivating the market and they’re here to stay.

That 9-5 lifestyle working in a drab cubicle is not your jam

1:1 Mentorship

Learn How to Build a Beautiful New Site with Showit

Get access to everything I’ve learned about web design and processes after investing $30k into my business in two years

That's exactly why I'm offering:


Create a high-converting website even if you don’t know Adobe software

Build a website in a tight timeline so you can have the bandwidth to create more

Make sure your website designs are on-brand without coding know-how

Design a killer flow to your creations that will impress your clients every time

Have a tried-and-true process that will stop second-guessing in its tracks

1:1 support to take your business into hyper speed. And finally, break up with time-sucking YouTube tutorials.

In our time together, I’ll show you step-by-step how to build a Showit website. You’ll learn battle-tested systems that will make creating a breeze. You’ll be able to ask any questions so you can avoid the draining I’m-stumped feeling.

In a short amount of time, you’ll unlock everything you need to become a successful Showit website designer. Future you will be so proud.

And with this investment is $297, you’d be hard-pressed to find an easier and more cost-effective way to add Showit Website Designer to your resume. 


*Because of my day-to-day client workload, I only accept a limited number of 1:1 services per month.

After filming a video with my middle finger in the air leaving my last day on the job (true story), I went all in on my business. I invested in the entire bundle of Becca Luna Showit education courses. I put in the time to carefully learn all I could from successful web designers around me. And I can confidently say that every. single. investment. helped me grow and scale my business to new heights. 

Two years ago, I was scraping by in a soul-sucking job that was barely making ends meet. I dreaded getting out of bed on Monday. I was losing my joie de vivre. Pardon my French.

Meet Your Showit Partner-In-Crime, Sandrine


Payment Plan (4 x $89)

pay in full $297

Total Investment

This is not another course that will collect digital dust after you lose momentum…

With a live human. At a pace that makes sense for your brain. 

It’s completely customized learning. In our time together, we’ll start at your base knowledge and dig in from there. You’ll leave feeling completely confident in your new website design skills.

And don’t sweat it if you end up having more questions later – my mentorship package comes with one week of Slack support after our call together.

If you’re anything like me, you learn best from being able to ask questions in real-time.

Whether you’re wanting to create show-stopping website designs or make passive income with Showit website templates, I can teach you the skills to get there. 

Your thriving web design business isn’t going to create itself. But I know you’re no stranger to the do-what-it-takes mentality. Together, we’ll roll up our sleeves and create the websites that will bring in your soul clients. 

The world can’t wait for your bright light to shine. And neither can I.