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Because, chances are, your reader is inundated with content from the second they peel their eyes open to the moment they start their late-night 7-step skincare routine. That’s a whole lotta noise. 

The secret to creating a lasting first impression? An online presence that is equal parts razzle dazzle and strategy. One that uses the power of visuals to tell your story and connect with your audience. One that serves as your most powerful sales machine, working 24/7.

In a world where you’ve got 15 seconds to convince someone to stay, you gotta make sure you’re not fallin’ short.

Funny you should mention it…

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When I deliver your brand-new, honed-in, true-to-you website, you’ll also get an hour long tutorial showing you every-dang-thing you need to know about how to update it…even if you consider yourself tech allergic. Trust me, you’ll be able to follow along with how I simplify the steps.

Which means, you’ll save boatloads of money by being able to handle the little updates to your website yourself…or easily delegate it to someone on your team.

I don’t know any other web designer who does this. But it’s important to me that you not only get a website you wholeheartedly love, but that you also know how to make small changes to your website to reflect the growth of your beloved brand in real time.

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I'm Sandrine

 The Proof is in the Pudding -  The Proof is in the Pudding - The Proof is in the Pudding - The Proof is in the Pudding - The Proof is in the Pudding - The Proof is in the Pudding - The Proof is in the Pudding - The Proof is in the Pudding - The Proof is in the Pudding - The Proof is in the Pudding - The Proof is in the Pudding - 

"A kickass website that I'm proud to share and that I feel confident in my ability to maintain!"

"After our meeting, I knew that you would be the right person to collaborate with. I trusted your experience, creativity, and ability to help me bring my vision to life. "

- Jenn Bowman

"Sandrine created EXACTLY what I was envisioning in the most stress-free way."

"She really listened to all my ideas and dreams and implemented everything I wanted (and everything I didn't know I needed). Launch was literally a breeze and everything was done in a blink of an eye." 

- Millie Adrian

"Sandrine knows how to create a catchy website that encourages people to click, contact, and convert! It's full of life in personality and we're so excited. "

Sandrine is great for people who have a service based business and want to show off exactly why they are different. She makes things streamlined and listens to feedback.

- Megan WIlson

"You have such an infectious personality and you were so gracious in giving me grace through the process."

I felt so relieved to have help bring my website to life. I am still in disbelief that you were able to complete it one day! I used to feel really insecure when people asked if I had a website to refer to for my services and now I can proudly direct them there.

- Krystle George


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captivate, and convert.

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