It’s All About Showcasing Your Unique Magic Around These Parts

Website Design for Creatives Building Their Empire

That’s exactly the energy we’ll capture for your online presence working together. It starts with getting clarity on your unique vision. Then we’ll create a purposeful strategy that aligns with that direction. 

The end game is to have a website that feels so genuinely you. One that serves as a calling card for your ideal audience. Think of it like your own 3 finger salute, Katniss Everdeen-style.
My process is all about collaboration. The intersection of your business knowledge and client awareness with my creativity and design know-how is right where the magic happens. 

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a business mogul (or anywhere in between), together we’ll take your business to new heights.

The warm sunlight dances on your face. You notice a sense of flow. You feel the youest you. 

You know the feeling when you’re out in nature and everything’s vibin’?

Hi New Friend, I’m Sandrine. 

Your pocket Showit Web Designer.


Before I was helping powerful entrepreneurs with creative websites, I was working a get-me-outta-here job that constantly drained me.

You know, the kind of job where you keep watching the clock only to find that two minutes have passed. Brutal. I was desperate to leave and live life on my own terms. So I did.

After a short stint teaching English online, I fell in love with the process of web design. I love bringing a vision to life I know is going to positively impact this world. 

And I’m grateful to be able to work with the most amazing women who radiate positivity, show up in an unapologetic way, and genuinely want to make the world a better place. 

But the road here wasn’t so clear cut. I spent 2 years investing in coaching, several top-of-the-line courses, and respecting my mental clarity so that I can serve my clients in the best way possible. 

Here’s what clients have said about working with me:

“We ultimately chose Sandrine, after talking to multiple designers,"

" because she seemed like the most organized, structured, knew what she was doing and ready to go...and we weren't wrong!” 

-Millie Adrian

“Sandrine is so warm and personable."

"I immediately felt heard and got the sense that she wouldn’t take a cookie cutter approach to designing my website. Sandrine is creative and unique herself, which is reflected in her work. She wants her clients to be happy with the product and brings her whole self into reaching that goal.”

-Kri Gore

“I love Sandrine’s vibe and how easy going she is.

 She made me feel super comfortable on our call together and I knew she could capture what I was looking for.”

 -Alexis Amato

“Sandrine is just a great designer, friend, and business owner."

She knows her stuff and is really amazing to work with! The kindest human!”

-Sarah Dickson

A little bit about me...

I’m getting married in Spain later this year! I have family members making the trek that have never left the country before–so proud of that! 

I’m an adventure junkie. My friends call me a force of nature. I’d rather wake up at the crack of dawn to snowboard, hike or explore than stay up late anyday. 

Converting a camper van is at the top of my bucket list. It’ll give my fiance and I (and our precious dog Piper!) the chance to escape under the stars on the weekends. 

I’ll listen to the same hit song on repeat until my fiancé begs for mercy. My current obsession? Big Energy by Lato

I’m recently gluten-free. Ask me about the latest recipe I’ve concocted in my kitchen. It’s really a lot easier than you think to make the change. 

I gotta say, having traveled to over 10 countries will make you quite the coffee and wine snob. Guilty as charged.

ready to give it a go?

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You need an online presence that will stand way above the crowd. And you need someone in your corner that will make it happen.